For the Love of the Game

Since I was a child, I have loved the game of tennis.  During a time when there wasn’t much for kids to watch on television in India, I recall turning on tennis and becoming immersed in the game.  I learned by watching.  I studied the high profile players, watched their moves and motions, and followed their careers. I remember watching – and admiring – Pete Sampras as he took his career to new heights in the 1990s.

After lots of observing and plenty of practice, I walked on to the tennis team in college. Once I moved to Atlanta, which had a vibrant tennis scene, I became active in my local club, participating in tournaments as well as friendly matches. My love for the game grew from here.

Now living in the suburbs of Richmond, VA., I am a member of a local tennis club and enjoy playing in a corporate league as well. One of my absolute favorite pastimes is watching Roger Federer as he solidifies his place as one of the greatest tennis players of all time.  He’s a versatile player, excelling on hard and grass courts, he moves effortlessly on the court, and he is a class act. 

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed traveling to watch the US Open; in fact, I’ve been every year since 2008. It is a lifelong goal to go see all of the major tournaments. Now with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is particularly hard to know that some of the majors will likely be canceled this year.  It is my hope that within the next five years, I will be able to attend the French Open.

Until then, I’m having lots of fun practicing and sharing my love for the game. My five-year old son is already taking lessons!  

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