Home Classroom

It’s been a while since my last post. We, like everyone else, have been busy setting up the “home classroom”. For the school year starting this fall, most schools either have all virtual classes or provide an option to choose virtual learning, and rightly so – it’s best for the safety of all. Not just students, but more importantly the teachers who play the very important role of ensuring the safety of students, amidst everything else they do.

Home classrooms need a dedicated space, or room, where students can focus while limiting any distractions. A space not too far from parent’s home offices, so it’s easy to monitor their attention and periodically have small talk with them to break the monotony. Most schools have issued Chromebooks to students and it’s really important familiarize yourself and your child with it so 1st day (or week) of school doesn’t have any hiccups. I guess it’s a lesson for the student that being prepared is always the 1st step.   

We have our already set up, and we hope that we can get the most of the virtual lessons in our “home classroom”.  

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